My Summer Season of Yes – Success

My pledge this past summer:

My inspiration came from Tina Fey’s book, “Bossy Pants.” In her book, Fey talks about the rules of improv, all of which revolve around saying, “yes.” The thing is, that you don’t just say, “yes,” but you build upon it. You say “yes and…” So this summer season, I will sincerely say YES! (and then contribute, sincerely).

Here are the rules:

1. Say “yes” to everything.

2. But nothing illegal, dangerous, or permanent — without my consent.

The end.

I’m curious to see where this takes me. Summer seasons are the periods in which I grow the most. However, this is my first official summer that doesn’t begin or end with school. It used to be, that when summer came, I was with different people, I had more time to myself, and I consequentially was put into situations that either bored me or pushed my limits. This summer, though, I am an official adult with a 9 to 5 job. Therefore, nothing is different except the weather. Which is why I’ve placed some rules on this summer. I’m forcing myself to push my limits. I might even be a little bored. Ultimately, I’m hoping to grow. To me, that is the purpose of living: to always grow and forever evolve into something greater than the day before.


My Summer Season of Yes was an absolute success… but now it’s time to move forward and onward. However, if you wish to  take a peak into my Summer Project and see what it is I’m building off of with Kismet Concoction, please feel free:

Summer Season of Yes



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