Los Adventures in Los Angeles

Los Adventures in Los Angeles – A Bucket List

  1. Join Meet Up and find some friends… and probably some weirdos.
  2. Discover free concerts (and events of all kinds)
  3. Attend the Buddhism Young Adults sessions…even if it’s alone
  4. Eat at new (gluten free/vegan) restaurants… even if it’s alone.. I’ll bring a book ( I need to read more anyways)
  5. Go out with my friends who already live here…even if their new/undeveloped friends
  6. Use my weekends to go other places besides Orange County — Slo/San Fran/San Diego/Palm Springs/Santa Barbara… I’m sure I can find thrifty ways to make it happen
  7. Write about it all.

I’m making the conscious decision to have adventures and take advantage of the copious opportunities presented in Los Angles. And I’m going to do it sober. A vodka tonic is lovely and an excellent social lubricant, but I’d rather remember all the craziness I have a habit of getting myself into. Not to mention, I need to be able to socialize dead sober anyways, even if it’s difficult to learn.

Thus, I’m starting a new bucket list — an LA List : Los Adventures List

(If anyone happens to stumble upon my blog and has any suggestions, I’d love love love to hear them! )


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