Bucket List

Forgive me for being cliche: 

1. Sky dive over the ocean

2. Travel to Europe with Mas

3. See the South and all it’s Southern Glory

4. Become an incredible PA

5. Play piano again

6. Run a marathon in another country

7. Run the Nike Women’s half marathon in San Francisco

8. Paddle board or Kayak in another ocean besides the Pacific

9.  Master liquid eyeliner

10. Acquire legit abs

11. Quad in another state

12. Ride an elephant

13. Go to Thailand

14. Travel to Asia and experience Buddhism at it’s origins.

15. Take Mas to the Getty Museum

16. Find a local Buddhist church to attend in LA 

17. Finally throw that housewarming party

18. Successfully Geocache

19. Acquire a fantastic camera (one I don’t break) and take wonderful pictures for this blog

20. Organize my life to look like something off of Pinterest

21. Eat so healthy that I’m not exhausted and living off of coffee day in and day out

22. Spend more time in nature – without my cell phone to instagram it

23. Start attending a Buddhist temple regularly


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