Lovin’ on Myself

ImageHow I love on myself..

1. Wearing makeup – using face powder I love. Using my favorite brushes instead of just the crummy applicators that come with the product. Doing my eyeliner. Plucking my eyebrows. Red lips. Bronzer.

2. Doing my hair. I need to cut it again — shorter this time, so I can curl it easy peasy.

3. Buying and wearing lingerie. Black lacy bras. Little Panties.

4. Clean sheets. Organized Purse. Clean Car. Made bed. No dishes in the sink.

5. Crossing things off my list.

6. Running.

7. Painted fingers and toes.

8. Reading. Writing.

9. Drinking water. Eating veggies. Gluten free, dairy free.

10. Throwing things away. Donating.

11. Learning.

12. Fresh Flowers in the house.

13. Uncluttered surfaces.

I’ve gotten really bad at doing some of these things under the preface that I “dgaf.” But when I don’t give a fuuu about how I look — that’s the same as not caring about myself.


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