Conquering My Lists

ImageI spend a lot of time lurkin’ on and I love it. Especially the home decor stuff. Not to mention — I’m so exhausted when I get home, and it’s hard to get my butt off of the couch to clean and hang photos. Sometimes, killing an hour on tumblr satiates that desire. 

But not really. I mean, if anything, I feel even more hungry for new things — new curtains, new sheets, new headboard, new picture frames.

I spend so much time planning and making lists, not enough time crossing things off that list. The catch is, though, if I put it in writing it’s like a verbal vision board (I prefer words to pictures anyways). I’ve found that making lists of things I want helps draw me to them. But what’s the point of having some great pictures and some great frames, if I never put them together and hang them? What’s the point of writing thank you notes, if I forget to send them? (Sorry Ma, pretend you didn’t read that…)

So from here on out, I’m going to take a page out of my mom’s book and do things within that moment that I’m thinking about them. Already I’ve cleaned my car, hung up frames, hung up clothes, changed the sheets on the bed to the white ones I love so much (even though Masey turns them black no matter how many showers he takes). I’ve updated my phone and my laptop. I’ve written this blog post. Already I can feel the weight lifting off of my shoulders. And when I feel less stressed, I feel less tired, and therefore more inclined to take on the world!

Here. We. Go.


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