Those Basic Necessities

ImageI woke up this morning exhausted and achey – even though I go to bed around 10 pm every night. I can’t figure out if I’m getting too much sleep, or maybe I’m stressed, or I need more water. Or maybe my workout yesterday just pushed my body harder than I thought. No matter, I need a little push to get my butt into gear this morning. 

So here’s a little reminder to myself about what it is I’m doing, and why I need to work hard: 

Within the next year and a half (So, by the time I’m 25), I want to be an amazing writer. I want to write about culture and people. I want to experience life and write about all the untold stuff. I want to write in a way that reaches the younger generation and inspires them to get out and do important things. 

Within the next 3 months I want to continue to grow into a master personal assistant. 

I want to market the shiznit out of Terry’s wonderful company. I want that damn website to be done by the end of November. 

Within the next 6 months I want to have changed my spending so that I, once again, have a savings account.

At the same time – when I do buy clothes, I want them to be legit pieces. 

Within the next 4 months I want to get my body in the best shape possible. Use Erica’s Equipped to be Fit to really kick it up a notch and help me train for half marathons again. 

So… the things I need to work on? Organization. Follow through. Will power. Staying off Facebook. Eating well. Not giving in to cheese. Or chocolate. Do the work – the meal prep, the shopping before hand, the saving. I need to take care of myself in the most basic way. 


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