That Damn Wagon

ImageWell I’ve fallen off the wagon – I.E. I’m treating my body like it’s still under the age of twenty. On the bright side, I’m finally over that hangover that’s been killing me since Monday. On the down side, I think my butt’s doubled in size – thank you animal style fries, bottle of champagne, (2 plates of) Nachos, (6) bowls of Reeces Cereal, and 1 cup of this stuff only ever refered to as “DEATH.” Needless to say, this wasn’t all in one day. I raged Friday night all the way to Monday morning. And by Monday morning, I mean 12:30 AM on Monday. But even though it wasn’t all in one day, I’m fairly certain it’s all still lurking in my stomach, leaving no room for healthy stuff.

So now it’s time to get my ish together. Time to eat healthy and follow the work out/nutrition plan my wonderful trainer set for me. Halloween costumes are coming and I still have time to get back into ab work outs and copious amounts of cardio and eating every three hours.




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