Well Yeah, I would like $5,000 thank you


#MyGFF : My gluten free friend is my sweet hunny, Mason. He cooks strictly gluten free for me almost every night, even when we have company. Not to mention he eats my horrible attempts at cooking -even when I won’t. When we travel he’s always so patient if/when we have to walk an extra block to find somewhere I can eat at. Doesn’t matter if he’s starving, he never gets grumpy about it. And Mas is always the one who explains to the waiters about the importance of my food being gluten free, even if it’s a restaurant we’ve been to a bajillion times. Basically he makes sure that my life is wonderful, despite the fact that my celiac disease makes his life harder on a daily basis. #blessed #grateful #udisglutenfree #mygff #gff #udis@udisglutenfree


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