Los Angeles in a Nutshell


When I still worked in the events industry and was commuting to Newport from LA, I had to wake up around 4 AM in order to beat the traffic down south. Yet somehow, at 4:30 in the morning, the hobos are still just as rambunctious. Case in point, one was dancing a little jig in the middle of the street. He wasn’t angry or upset, but just feeling overly jolly and maybe a little drugged out. I’m not going to lie, swerving to miss a dancing hobo really wakes you up and can start your day out on a positive note. His happiness was just that contagious.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, every single morning (until recently – but I think LA might have done a hobo-sweep), I marvel at this incredible hobo balancing horizontally on a shopping cart – dead asleep. Doesn’t matter that all basic laws of physics are against him or that he’s in between two freeway entrances. He’s basically one of the seven wonders.

Then, for lunch today, all I wanted was some bomb tasting salad after inhaling a cow at the Korean BBQ place last night. I didn’t even need feta or chicken on my Greek salad – fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers were enough. Somehow, though, Yelp-ing salad brought me to the Marvel Studios Film Lot where they’re filming Avengers 2. How amazing is that? All I wanted was salad, and as a bonus I got a free pass to a discreet filming location where normal people aren’t allowed. That’s better than every McDonalds’ toy prize (except those cool Pocahontas cups that they had when I was six).  And on top of it all, the salad had an INCREDIBLE lemon-pesto-artichoke salad dressing. I feel like maybe this is the universe rewarding me for going back to my vegan ways.

Basically, what this all equates to is that, even when I’m having an extremely stressful day, I take note the fact that I’m driving down Fairfax or Sunset and my sense of appreciation for where I am falls back into place.


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