My Summer Season of Yes at An End


My previous blog was all about taking advantage of what life has to offer. Not saying “no” just because I was uncomfortable or it was something I hadn’t done before. However, summer is pretty much over. School’s starting for all the kiddies everywhere, the weather is changing, everyone’s pulling their boats out of the water, and the tourists have gone home. And yet, opportunities continue to arise where I say “yes” merely to fulfill my promise to myself. Therefore, this is my continued season of yes, regardless of the weather.

Recently, my sister was stuck in a jam – moving into her first apartment with only my mom and her broken wrist to help. Not an ideal situation. So, sticking to my guns, I sucked up my pride and ask my wonderful boss if I could take Friday off to help my sister. My boyfriend, Mason, already had the weekend off, coincidentally. Plus, my best friend from college, Michelle, lives in the town my sister goes to college in. So I called up Michelle and she grabbed her husband, Bentley, and together, the six of us moved my sister in her new apartment. And by the six of us, I mean Bentley and Mason moved my sister into her new apartment. Michelle and I chatted about her pregnant belly, and my mom bought us all sushi!

What an amazing little adventure to drop in to. I find myself sitting in a place of appreciation for everyone around me. My boss, the women in my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. All of whom are wonderful and so much fun.


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